Botox Treatments In Tooting

Are you looking to regain or retain your youthful looks? Are you interested in a natural beauty that turns back the clock? Line free skin around the eyes and on the forehead that doesn’t give away your age?

At Aesthetic Cosmetic we offer quality Botox treatments from our Tooting clinic. Our Doctor is skilled at balancing your botox treatment with a natural smile and expression that makes the very best of your looks.

Our botox is the best that the market has to offer and you will be treated by our resident consultant surgeon.

We combine the best in materials with the best in aesthetic treatment skills.

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Address: Tooting High Street, SW17 0SN

The Botox Procedure

We offer a free consultation with our Doctor to find out your areas of concern.

The Doctor will recommend a suitable botox treatment and we can either carry out your treatment on the day or book you in for a future visit.

We will apply a pre treatment numbing cream if required

The botox injections will be administered

The injection part of the process itself takes no more than 10 minutes

After your procedure

Your botox treatment takes so little time that it can be fitted into your lunch break.

There should be minimal sign that you have had the treatment but with any injection there may be a slight swelling and bruising.

After your treatment try not to tough your face

Do not wash your face or apply makeup for 24 hours to minimise the risk of infection.

Do not carry out any form of exercise for 24 hours

Do not bend over so that your face is lower than your waist (yoga, shoe shopping!) as this can risk the botox travelling away from the treatment site.