Decollete Rejuvenation

The decollete or skin at the chest and neck holds the tell tale signs of ageing. It is an issue that effects Women over 40 as the skin can crease, wrinkle, pigment and crinkle.

There are many causes for décolleté lines. The main factor is the declining quality and vitality of the skin caused by the decrease in its capacity to store water that occurs with advancing age. This loss in elasticity is a result of, among other factors, a reduction in hyaluronic acid content and wasting of the collagen fibres under the skin. In the course of a woman’s life, the skin of the décolleté suffers from the pull exerted by the bosom when in motion, and especially by sleeping on one’s side. As a result of the effects of UV light, the skin’s elasticity gradually reduces.

There are, thankfully, a number of effective treatments for making the décolleté visibly more youthful so that it can shown again to its best advantage.

Using Botox for this specialist treatment area helps relax the muscles and inhibit the progress of an ageing chest. The procedure is quick, simple and safe. There is no down time and the effects can be life changing.

In addition to the Botox treatment we can recommend additional treatments that act as an all round solution to smooth, youthful chest area.