Fine Thread Contour Treatment (Lunch time face lift)

Fine Threading reshapes, lifts and contours the face without the need for a facelift. The treatment involves using Polydioxanone threads that have been safely used in surgical procedures to close wounds for over 20 years. The thicker thread mimics the effect of a facelift by lifting the ligaments of the muscular layer of the face. The thicker ‘anchor’ thread is then supported by finer threading to create a subtle lifting of the face, smoothing wrinkles and stimulating collagen production at the same time.

You experience instant results but will also notice a significant improvement over the next 6 month period.

The Treatment

Before we begin a thread contour treatment we will need to book you an initial consultation to discover your concerns and explain the procedure in detail. We will document your medical history and record your current face shape with photographs.

Once the areas of threading are identified we will apply a numbing cream to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. A local anaesthetic is injected at critical points so that the deeper threading cannot be felt. After the main deep thread points have been completed, the finer threads are meshed to complete the lift.  The threading takes about 60 minutes from first thread to last.

We can lift the lower face, cheeks and brows for a re-defined, youthful contour. Finer threads can treat the upper eyelids, smokers lines around the lips and any areas around the neck.

After The Thread Contour

The threads are not permanent and will dissolve during the course of 6 months leaving a band of newly formed collagen in their place. The threads are very thick and durable and do not pose the risk of snapping when in place.

You may feel a little discomfort after the treatment and can take paracetamol if needed and apply clean dry ice packs. The downtime with this procedure is minimal and you can return to work if you wish. There may be slight bruising and swelling to the area for a day or so after the treatment so you may prefer to return home.

We have listed the main aftercare points as below and always call you back to the clinic at intervals to check on your progress.

After Care

  • Wear an SPF 30+ and avoid direct sunlight and tanning machines due to the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
  • Wash your face gently the day after treatment, but avoid rubbing or massaging for 2 weeks.
  • Do not open your mouth too wide for 3 to 4 weeks, including for dental treatment (as this may feel uncomfortable).
  • Stinging or pulling pain or discomfort is normal. Avoid ibuprofen as it dampens the collagen-producing response.
  • Avoid alcohol and anti-coagulant medications like aspirin for 1 week.
  • Avoid blood thinning vitamins C and E for 1 week.
  • Avoid saunas and sports activities for 1 week.

A convenient lunch time face lift for: Clapham, Wandsworth, Tooting, Dulwich. Battersea & Balham