Lip Enhancement (Lip fillers)

As we age our lips naturally become thinner and lose definition. The edges of the lips can wrinkle and applying lip stick to a smooth line can be difficult. The biggest ageing of the lip occurs at the cupids bow, the central dip at the middle if the top lip. Even with make up the top lip can look both thin and lined, contributing to the overall look of ageing.


Enjoy youthful, plump lips. whether you are suffering from the effects of ageing or simply have a naturally thin lips. Lip fillers can provide you with an attractive pout and restore the fullness of youthful, full lips.

With Lip Enhancement you can enjoy

  • A more defined smile
  • lips with a more youthful looking appearance
  • Fuller lips
  • An improved lip shape and edges to the mouth

We will numb the lip area with a topical anaesthetic before injecting the filler into the lips. The procedure is safe, quick and cen be fitted into 30 minutes.