At Aesthetic Cosmetic Clinic Botox wrinkle relaxing injections( Botulinum toxin )  are carried out by our resident Doctor using only the best quality Botox formula. Whether you have been enjoying the benefit of Botox or are new to the concept of wrinkle relaxing injections we are on hand for a free consultation with expert  advise.


Why Botox?

Over time our repeated facial expressions cause wrinkles and lines to form on the face. There are certain areas that will suffer more from these lines

and wrinkles, most notably the forehead and around the eyes.  In addition to their ageing effect, wrinkles can also give the impression of sadness, anger or tiredness even though we are not feeling these things. It only takes a few Botulinum toxin treatments to give a more youthful appearance, making you look more confident, approachable and at ease. The overall effects can be very dramatic and quickly return you to younger-looking skin.

Uses of Botox

  • Forehead wrinkles can be reduced and prevented.
  • Frown lines can be eradicated, particularly the deep lines that form between the eyes that can make us appear angry.
  • Crows feet can be reduced.
  • Upper lateral nose bunny lines.
  • Chin lines (marionette lines) that give a sad look.
  • Smokers lines.
  • Neck bands.
  • Botox has been used for many years to treat migraines.
  • Excessive sweating of underarms, hands, feet, forehead, nose and face.


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Is it safe?
Botox has been used for many medical applications over 30 years without any known long-term problems.

How does it work?
Botox temporarily blocks the nerve transmission to the muscles under the skin. Facial lines formed by the movement of these muscles will then diminish.

Who is suitable for Botox (Botulinum toxin)? –We will assess your suitability for botox treatment during your consultation. Most people are suitable apart from those who are pregnant or breast feeding.

Are Botox® injections painful? –No, you may experience a slight temporary discomfort or stinging sensation.

Can these treatments be used with dermal fillers or laser treatment?
The treatments are complementary and it has been reported that Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm, Radiesse and other fillers lasts longer when administered in combination with Botox. This is because the continuous movement of the muscles is eliminated, slowing the body’s breakdown of the injected product.
Note: It is possible to have Botox and dermal filler treatment done in one setting.

How will I look after the treatment? –There is a slight redness immediately after, which settles within a couple of hours.

What can and can’t I do after the treatment? –Within 4 hours of the treatment people are advised not to do vigorous exercise, drink excessive alcohol, lie down flat or bend forward. Otherwise life can carry on as normal.

How long will it last?- 3-6 months depending on each individual’s own response. Repeat treatments have been shown to last longer.

What are the side-effects? –It is a very safe treatment. However, side-effects can occur but are rare. These include slight bruising at the injection site, which usually only last for a few days. The other rare side effects are headaches and eye droop.