Nefertiti Neck Lift

Achieve the elegant jaw line and contoured neck of a youthful appearance. The neck lift is a new treatment that gives you a smooth and lifted jaw line and long neck admired since the times of the Egyptians (hence the name Nefertiti face lift).  It is a common complaint as we age that our jawlines disappear and regaining the shape of a youthful jawline turns back the clock.

The reason that we lose the contour of our jawline with age is that we lose volume in the cheeks that makes the jowl area more prominent. Gravity serves to send tissue down to the Jowl area. Increased tension in the platysma muscle in the neck also causes sagging at the neck area. The developed muscle can pull down at the corner of the jawline and increase the likelihood of developing a jowl. By relaxing this muscle with a botox injection the pulling effect ceases.

The Neck Lift Procedure

Please do call for a consultation with our Doctor. He will determine your suitability for the treatment and suggest the best method for re-defining your neck line.

We will apply a numbing cream to the areas for injection to ease any discomfort.

The Doctor will administer the botox injections to key areas of your jawline and neck muscle.

Post Treatment

The full effects of your neck lift will be seen between 1-2 weeks.

Post treatment you should be able to return to your normal day

As with any injectable try not to touch the injection site or apply makeup or soap products for 24 hours.

We would suggest repeating the treatment is repeated approximately every 4-6 months to maintain the smooth, youthful definition

The treatment won’t replicate a face lift, but it can enhance the jawline for suitable patients.